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What’s on your bucket list? Our guides are experienced flight attendants and professional travelers. Each of our guides has a passion for travel, and are looking to share that love with you! Make lots of new friends in the process, as we band together for an unforgettable adventure! Life is short! Let’s go!

Affordable Prices

Our Travel Guides were once new hire flight attendants, so we understand the small paychecks! Our goal is to create travel opportunities without breaking the bank. We balance our trips with the best guides, accommodations & excursions while maintaining the lowest prices possible.

Easy Booking

Our amazing tech team has built a wonderful user-friendly website! If you know who Angel Menendez is, then you understand just how much support and tech genius we have behind us! Our system supports easy and instant booking, multi-part payments and includes detailed itinerary and travel information for each tour!

Spreading Light & Love

While our goal is to travel, we strive to make a positive impact on the communities we visit whenever possible! We do this through volunteering, staying at family-run hotels, supporting small local businesses and experiencing life as the locals do!

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Tour Reviews

Alycia Lowe

Big Fat Greek Retreat!

This trip was epic! Tara and Angel are so kind and easy going. You will be very comfortable traveling with them. It was my very first time traveling internationally and Tara and Angel made it so easy. Everything was very well organized and I felt like I got more than my money’s worth! They do a great job of getting involved with the culture of people wherever you are traveling and there was never a dull moment. My only issue is they can’t plan enough trips fast enough for me! I want more!

Bethany Reinhart

Lesvos, Greece

What an amazing trip and a great group of people!