Traveling to new countries can cause a lot of headaches sometimes. One of these headaches is knowing where you are at all times. Because our phones rely on cellular data that usually is tied to one carrier, our phones data connection doesn't always work when we are overseas. However, most people think that GPS and Cellular Data are connected, when in reality they are not. The only reason your Google Maps app doesn't work overseas is because it is constantly checking the servers for the most up to date maps. However, the App does know your exact location regardless, even if it can't show it to you. How do you get around this? You use an app called! Keep reading for how to use to travel the world, and always know where your are, and how to get where you need to go!

First of all, lets get a little crash course on how GPS works. Check out this video that does a good job of explaining it:

What does this mean for you? Well, it means even if you don't get data on your phone, you can still use the GPS as long as you have an app that saves its maps. Google maps works, but it requires you to find the download map option which isn't always very intuitive. That's why I recommend you install an app called

Save You Places, You Will Thank Me Later

One of the cool things about using a digital map, is the ability to save your locations for easy reference later. After you download your local map, the first thing I like to do is save the location I will be staying at right away. The reason being if I ever need to tell anyone where I am staying, it only takes two seconds because you simply open your map, and find the pin that is placed there. In, the process could not be simpler. 

Simply touch the location you want to save, and hit the little star on the bottom right hand corner. 

This will place a handy little pin that is always visible, no matter how far out you zoom in the map. I use this feature when I'm talking to the locals, and they recommend a place to eat, or visit

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