Here you see a palm tree, and on this same palm tree I zoomed in on the small jug tied to the top. This jug allows white liquid from the tree, palm wine, to drip into the jug. It is naturally alcoholic, and people drink it almost everywhere in Cameroon, especially in small villages (palm wine is very cheap, 100 CFA per litre, as opposed to 500 CFA for one beer).

Palm trees also produce oil that people extract from the nuts. I managed to see two kinds of extraction in the same day- the women are walking on the nuts, in a pool of water by the river, and the other photo including me, is of a grinder that works when you turn the lever around and around.

I have included photos from Bilingualsim Day. The little girl is my neighbor, isnt she adorable?! The water fall is in Manjo, not far from Nkongsamba. A friend took me there.

Cameroon has a national Bilingualsim Day every year, where everyone tries to speak English in the Francophone areas, and vice versa in the Anglophone. I suprised my students with a performance of No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley. Even though there were no instruments, it works pretty well when everyone claps their hands to make a beat for me!