Well I’ve been offered a position and I’m about to make the move forward, into adult hood and paying taxes again! I am employed by ATX-BMW. They basically provide high scale customer service to BMW clients through a call center. My foot got into the door through my French fluency, since there are French speaking Canadian clients with BMW. I think it’s going to be just lovely, judging from the kindness of the HR Manager, seeing the location and how it’s all run. I’m excited for the challenge of a 6 week training, to lead me into making a difference and helping people out, and to do this along side people that are just as positive and happy to reach the same goal.

For the first time in a long time, I’m sitting at my computer (that works, thanks to Tyson for fixing the keyboard that has been broken since!), with unlimited online access (we paid in relation to how much time we used in Cameroon), at what I call “home” for the time-being, in Texas… and this seems like an all too ordinary, lame and unexciting in comparison to the past two years of blogs filled with inspiration, a process of learning, aggravation, gratification and love that I received from my home in Cameroon. I just finished reading Angel’s blog entries too (Check out his experiences and entries at: http://goingon27.wordpress.com/), as he COS’d and finds himself now in New Jersey. What a strange whirl of feelings you get when you’re texting once again with PCVs all around the country- except this time, texts are unlimited, and you know that you would have to take a plane to see some of them again. We will remain connected through what now feels like a dream. As my postmate, Tim Hartman, said it, “I don’t feel any reverse culture shock but it sure feels like we’ve been through a reverse time machine!”