The wind knocks down the beautiful wooden statues, and then proceeds to close the pages in the album I had spent hours creating the night before. It seemed like everything else was against me. We had been sitting at this table since early morning, and it was now striking noon; 3 bracelets were sold. But I knew better than the wind, and I felt the complete opposite at the core of me, where I felt the strength and love from everyone I was there for. Where I felt my worldly purpose, that was something that nothing could discourage.

These pictures feature my dad, Grandma and Casey, as well as our new dog! She is 5 years old, a mix of Australian Cattle dog and Corgi. She was given up by her owner because he was no longer financially able to take care of her. We found her online and knew that she was a sweetheart! When we left with her, there was a parade of people saying goodbye and how great of a dog she is. Now she starts her new, spoiled life with us!