To those of you out there that read along these lines, to simply the internet space out there, to the energy of the world.. After so long of not keeping up with this page, I want to take just a moment to share how Peace Tree Africa is doing. This is me, this is my focus, this is what I have been called to do. And so here you are, a witness to the roots that I spend most of my free time nourishing.

It’s such a time-consuming, learning, fulfilling, lovable process. There is always something to do, but as Will Smith says it, “It takes an obsession about what you’re working for to really bring you to success” (by the way, I just discovered a beautiful video that sheds light on his philosophy, and I encourage you to look up Will’s Wisdom whenever you return to youtube). We are at the Business Plan phase. In other words, if you thought that form 1023 would break down every aspect of the business, this document demands details broken down from those aspects, and you’re asked to consider everything that a potential donor might consider. Milestones and goals. The vision! We have a Vision!