This is a story about the love I found, quite literally in the air- within the airline industry.

When I first met Angel in flight attendant training, I didn’t like him! We hit it off right away; It was his birthday, and I, too, was a Leo! He smiled a lot and was pleasing to my eyes. But he talked about how much fun he was having in training, and I was 4 weeks ahead, and struggling to keep up with all of the daily exams, drills, and a lead trainer who is proudly known for being tough on his students. “You just wait until week six!” I thought. After seeing Angel around a few more times during training, he asked me if he could add me on Facebook. I accepted, and 2 months later when I launched an Indiegogo campaign for a project to aide Kay Angel orphanage in Haiti, he stepped up and became the first contributor. His big heart caught my attention, and apparently I caught his, too. When he asked me to go dancing, I decided to go in the most casual-thinking fashion. Then he kissed me on the dance floor and my heart melted. We stayed up until 3 am talking about family, values and our plans for the future. We spent the next year traveling to more cities together than I can even count, starting a business, and I, for one, fell completely in love with his family.