Traveling to new countries can cause a lot of headaches sometimes. One of these headaches is knowing where you are at all times. Because our phones rely on cellular data that usually is tied to one carrier, our phones data connection doesn't always work when we are overseas. However, most people think that GPS and Cellular Data are connected, when in reality they are not. The only reason your Google Maps app doesn't work overseas is because it is constantly checking the servers for the most up to date maps. However, the App does know your exact location regardless, even if it can't show it to you. How do you get around this? You use an app called! Keep reading for how to use to travel the world, and always know where your are, and how to get where you need to go!

It’s funny how one trip can change so much. Sitting here, about 1 week since we got back Greece, all I can think is how excited we are for our next adventure. Previous to this trip, it had been almost 5 months since we had taken an international trip. I can only assume that for most people that’s plenty of time, but for us it was like trying to hold our breaths for 5 months. We need trips like a fish needs water. It’s a part of who we are now, and it makes for an exciting life.

Skala Eressos is perhaps the coolest place in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful beach towns in Greece as well. The birthplace of the poetess Sappho, and a Mecca-in-waiting for International lesbians, it is also a popular family destination, not to mention a favorite place for honeymooners and a popular weekend beach destination for the islanders. So we decided to explore ourselves!

As a flight attendant, you would think that travel to exotic destinations and international locales would be a given. Sadly, as our latest trip has shown, not all flight attendants travel for fun. My wife runs a small tour agency that caters to flight attendants called Crew Travelers, and we are currently in the middle of our trip to Lesvos, Greece. So far it has been an amazing experience getting to know all the flight attendants. I feel like flight attendants are consistently the coolest people you can meet.