10 Essential Newhire Flight Attendant Gifts

Being a newhire flight attendant can be rough. A lot of airlines don't pay for training, or pay very little. If you manage to make it to graduation (many don't!), you quickly realize that the hours you get while flying aren't enough to making a living wage. Hopefully, this is where you come in! You know someone who is going through flight academy and you want to help them out! Here are 10 items that can bring a little relief to the crazy experience that is Flight Academy. 

1. Large Lunch Tote - $37.99

Newhire Flight attendants don't make much, and a big part of our expenses when flying is food. If you don't think ahead, and pack your food you will quickly find yourself in the red. So help that flight attendant in your life by giving them the gift of packed food! Snacks, food, and drinks can all safely be transported in this large tote bag. 

2. Instant Hem Tape - $4.10

One of the first things you are taught in flight academy is that you need to be impeccably dressed. For women, this can be tough when hose runs and you need to fix it quick. There are several ways to do this, but hem tape makes the job quick and easy. No sewing required, just peel, cut and press the tape where needed. 

3. Sewing Kit - $11.99

Hose are one thing, but a button that has popped off is another issue entirely. Due to all the wear and tear we put into our uniform, sometimes it needs a little bit of help. A sewing kit is a perfect gift for a newhire flight attendant. The different threads mean you are ready for anything, and the scissors can be used to cut small items which can be invaluable sometimes! 

4. Multi Restaurant Gift Card - $50

Ramen gets boring. Everyone knows that. However, when a newhire flight attendant gets money, sometimes its difficult to put the money towards eating out, when bills need to be paid. If you want to guarantee that your newhire flight attendant has a good time, buy them a gift card to a restaurant. Our crazy lifestyle means no matter the restaurant, we will probably end up eating there at some point. 

5. Dry Erase Board - $8.53

A big part of newhire flight attendant training is memorization. Sure, flash cards work at first, but the waste of paper can quickly stack up. Instead help a newhire out by investing in a dry erase board! Memorizing pickles (term for plane without it's wings!) or airport codes has never been easier! 

6. Waterproof Portable Speakers - $19.99

Newhire flight attendant training can be stressful. Sometimes the best memories in training are made in the hotel room with your friends studying! If you add your favorite tunes to the mix, you have a recipe for success. This speaker has the added benefit of being waterproof!

7. Leak Proof Travel Bottles - $22.95

Mini shampoos and conditioners will do in a pinch, but there is nothing like bringing your own cleaning products! Don't let the price fool you, having a great set of leak proof travel bottles can make a huge difference. Also, sometimes flight attendants have to go through TSA without uniform, and these bottles will avoid a hassle. 

8. Flash Light - $11.95

Flight attendants carry a lot of equipment around. From tablets to handcuffs to CPR masks, all of this equipment takes up space in your rollerboard. One of the things we need to provide is a flashlight. However bigger flashlights can be a pain. This one will clip to your work lanyard making light easy to access.

9. Daypack - $11.98

One of the coolest things about being a flight attendant is the layovers. But on a layover, you don't want to forget anything in your hotel room. That's where this daypack comes in handy. The bag folds up in your rollerboard but when you get to your layover, unpack it and unroll it and fill it with everything you need to go on an adventure!

10. Foldable Wine Flask - $12.98

Well, I guess essential is relative, but flight attendants love their wine. Give that newhire flight attendant a competitive advantage and get them this foldable wine flask. Great for storing wine from your layover in a convenient easy to pack format. Never worry about where to store your wine when you have this flask!

That's it for Newhire Flight Attendant Gifts!

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