Seeking Yoga Teachers for a Free Retreat in Greece!

Are you a yoga teacher seeking an opportunity to deepen and discover more about your personal practice with more experiences, and with other people, around the world? 

Whether you're seeking out an adventure or to simply get away, relax, and rejuvenate- we’d like to send a few yoga & meditation teachers on an all inclusive 5 night/6 day yoga retreat in Greece for FREE next summer!

Why A Retreat in Lesvos, Greece?

We fell in love with Lesvos 2 years ago when we first traveled to the island, and where I coordinated a trip for 16 travelers. We stayed in a 4 star family-run hotel and partnered with local businesses. I wrote about my calling to Lesvos and our incredible experience in a blog post here. We’ve since partnered with The Other Aegean (Lesvos Tourism Board) to promote tourism on the island. This video explains the situation more in-depth and provides a glimpse of the island. The refugee waves diminished by mid 2016 and the island returned to normal. However, tourism has declined by 58%. Our retreat supports the local economy that helped those refugees, and who are now struggling- through enjoying our time in Lesvos, we will make a difference in their lives. Get a glimpse of how much our last group enjoyed Lesvos here. The significance behind this retreat impassioned our tour guides, and we are even more thrilled to partner with a few yoga teachers, and their students, for an unforgettable experience on the sunniest island in the Aegean.

Why Is This Yoga Retreat Free for Yoga Teachers?

We are looking for yoga instructors to join us in practicing on beaches around the world! We’ve already taken care of everything else, from airfare and hotel to all of your traditional Greek meals, and the wines that pair with them! Here’s all that we ask of you!

  • Instruct 1-2 sessions in a beautiful location in Lesvos, Greece (such as a rooftop terrace, castle, beach, uninhabited island, etc)
  • Invite 12 students to come along!
  • Make sure that your passport is up to date!

Check out the itinerary and get a glimpse of what our retreat will look like at our tour page. 

We are looking for instructors who are motivated and impassioned to travel with their students to beaches around the world! We are currently planning an all inclusive 5 night stay on Lesvos island in Greece (May 2018)! If chosen, we would request your assistance with a couple yoga/meditation/group sessions; We'll cover the rest! The more students who join your retreat, the more rewards you will receive!


Should your application be chosen, we will contact you within the next 2-4 weeks. Thank you!

A Yoga Retreat With Heart

Sometimes it’s about serving your own needs so that you can be a light in the world around you. A yoga retreat has more soul than most typical vacation experiences. It has heart. But we believe that our Aphrodite Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Lesvos will be magical.

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