Airbnb Travel: 5 Reasons Why
AirBnB Travel: 5 Reasons Why against image of bed and window with hanging planted pots

Airbnb From Tokyo to Amsterdam

One of my favorite people is getting married this September in Minnesota! I promised her we would attend, and our flights are booked. We call the hotel, but the only rooms left are $150 per night! Ludacris! I open my Airbnb App and start searching, and we end up booking a basement apartment even closer to the venue for $50, saving us $100, and allowing us to afford a decent wedding gift!Airbnb has revolutionized the way we travel, and placed the entire process in our hands, literally. It’s easy to sign up, and then search and book an apartment, a room in a house, an entire home- or a boat, caboose, tree house, or even a private island. From my long time friend's wedding in Tokyo to The Grand Canyon with friends to an extraordinary couple of days with my love in Amsterdam, I have Airbnb’d all across the globe! Here are a few things I love about Airbnb, and why you should give it a shot if you’re on the fence.

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1. Airbnb is Safe and Secure

The system displays verifications, checks, and reviews for each property manager.The review system on Airbnb makes me feel safe and secure. I always look through reviews before booking with an Airbnb property. That means that I always leave a review for the place I stay at. People helping people! Tip: Want to basically ensure you’ll have a pleasant experience? Book with a SuperHost, who are the cream of the crop when it comes to Airbnb property hosts. The last SuperHost we rented from provided us with a phone!

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2. Airbnb is Cheaper than a Hotel

Another friend got married last year, and her entire bachelorette party shared a lovely house in the suburbs of Denver for a fraction of what one would pay for a hotel, and we had the luxury of having a hot tub at our access. There was also a private garden patio in the backyard, which was a prime spot for photo shoots that weekend. It was convenient to have a kitchen for late night grilled cheese sandwiches and to have a dishwasher to recycle the penis straws over the course of the weekend. This is by far the best bang for your buck.

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3. Airbnb Supports Locally

While we were doing some wedding research in Nassau, we stayed at a comfortable detached one-bedroom apartment that included everything we needed. Our SuperHost, Andy, hosted others at his space through Airbnb as a full-time career. He replaced his Banker title with Airbnb Host. In The Bahamas, Airbnb helped Andy lift himself out of some bad financial conditions. Every time you spend money, you vote with your dollar. Whenever you choose to rent via Airbnb, you support local residents and small businesses in the community. Your booking helps the local economy, instead of large chains that funnel money to upper-level management, and where it’s oftentimes difficult to even speak with management. With Airbnb, you’re in direct contact from the very start.

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4. Live Like The Locals

My favorite Airbnb experience was at a balcony apartment in Amsterdam on a much-needed getaway with Angel. I was first charmed by the style and decor of the apartment, and the balcony with a cute hanging flower plant. The location was great too, but what made the experience truly original and authentic is that this particular property came with a chunky cat named Couscous! The host asked me to feed the furry roommate, which I was happy to do of course! We weren’t tourists! We had a funny looking key to our windy stairs up to our apartment, with an espresso maker and lots of travel books. We had a pet to feed! We stopped by a grocery store recommended by our host, and then enjoyed a picnic in Vondel Park, with a bunch of locals. Get the idea? If you really, actually want a local experience, this is the app for you!

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5. You Can Be An AirBnB Host

The process works both ways, so with the same Airbnb Traveler account, you can also Host people in your own space! All they require are some decent photos, a description and the rate you wish to charge. Then just sit back and wait for the messages and reservations to come in. Depending on your location, it could mean prime capital for you. Tip: Airbnb doesn’t want anyone using the platform to go behind their backs and their chat system blocks all contact information, including websites and even search engines.


The process has certainly served me well on all sides of the coin. It’s provided me with a new way to travel and save money, while directly fueling the local economy, which I love and support. So if you’re looking for a cheaper, more authentic way to travel the globe and want to feel good about it, please join the Airbnb community.

Would you like to see some of the countries we've traveled to? Angel put together a video collage music video of our travels from the last 2 years! You're welcome to watch that video here but it requires that you turn the speakers up! 

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