5 Ways Waze Can Improve Your Driving Experience!

Waze, Community Force For Good

I’m hooked on Waze. This app has changed the way I drive for the absolute better and it has grouped a community to become a force for good! I’m going to hook you with the following reasons for why you should become a Wazer! You’re going to love this!

1. Hiding police cars? Not anymore!

My favorite part of using Waze is blowing police officers hidden locations by marking them whenever I see them! This also means that my fellow Wazers mark the police car locations (as well as whenever they’re no longer in that location anymore..). This makes me a more knowledgeable, empowered and prepared (thus, happy) driver.

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2. Update Your Friends on Your ETA!

My favorite use of Waze with my husband is sending each other locations and route ETAs when one of us is driving to go meet the other. Let’s say, I’m driving to the airport and want to keep Angel updated without messing with my phone (I’m driving, duhh!). First off, he will be pleased when I’m showing right on time since I planned the drive previously and was alerted when to leave the house. He can basically then track me until our lips meet again! It’s also great for road tripping with friends! It's really fun to beep each other too!  

3. Waze Saves Lives (and Time)!

Waze notifies us and changes our routes if bad traffic or a crash is reported. This leads to fewer accidents and has saved us on time in the past as well! Wazers report debris in the road and hazards, so we actually are forewarned to change lanes if something has been reported up ahead. There’s even a feature that allows Wazers to comment on the current state of a reported crash.

4. Waze Stops Texting and Driving!

Waze keeps us safe on several accounts. Waze updates us in real time what speed limits are in the zones you’re traveling. You’ll never be panicking to figure out the speed limit again because it will always be there on your screen. Staying focused on the road, even when you glance at your route on the screen, I’ve noticed that it’s kept everyone I know using this app from doing other things on their screens while their driving. This is a HUGE one for me! Additionally, we purchased a travel mount that can be used to mount your phone to the car using magnetic force. It is super convenient and helps us to keep our eyes on the road! I bought one of these mounts for almost everyone in my family; Safety first! 

5. Carpool!

Waze now has the ability to make you some money just for going to and from work. You can put in your daily commute and pick up others who will pay you to get them where they are going. It’s a simple and elegant solution if you are looking for something you need to use on a more regular basis than using Lyft or Uber.

A Responsible Game: Outsmarting Traffic Together!

Honestly, Waze is easy to get behind it is both responsible and fun. Getting points for blowing cop covers, joining a community that allows communication between drivers on the road and alerting others about roadside hazards- it turns daily life into a strategic game, where when we outsmart traffic together, we all win.  

If you're looking for a map to use when you're on the road abroad, don't miss Angel's post about Maps.Me, arguably the best offline (and free) map that exists! 

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