24 Hours in Paris: A Travel Guide

Contrary to popular belief, flight attendants don't spend much time in the cities they visit. That means we have to hit the ground running if we want to take advantage of all that a city has to offer. We wanted to create a guide for anyone who has only a short period of time to enjoy and the best of Paris. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy this little guide for visiting the most romantic city in the world.

While we recommend Uber or bicycling around Paris, this whole tour can be walked in under 2 hours. Also, if you are worried about not having signal in Paris, check out our review of Maps.me, our favorite offline map!

1. Boulangerie

Your first goal when reaching Paris, especially if you arrive early in the day, should be to visit a Boulangerie. A boulangerie is simply a Bakery. However, don't be fooled. French bread is probably some of the best in the world (in my humble opinion) and the sweet pastries are delicious. I would recommend you use Yelp or Google Maps if you have internet access to find the closest highest rated one near you. If you use T-mobile in the United States and have an unlimited plan then you already will have unlimited (slow) internet in Paris, so fire up your favorite app and find the best bakery you can near you!

2. Eiffel Tower

One of the most iconic monuments in the world. Built in 1887-89, it is truly awe inspiring when you see it up close! The bottom is swarming with security, and the lines are very long, so it may not make sense to go to the top! I recommend you visit the Palais de Chaillot right in front of it, and walk to the Eiffel Tower!

3. Arc De Triomphe

One of my favorite memories is sitting across from the Arc de Triomphe with my wife eating pain au chocolat and marveling at its beauty. You can go to the top if you wish by finding the subterranean tunnel to take you to the middle of the giant round about.  Keep in mind you have to pay to go up, and we really prefer to see it's grandeur in totality from across the street. This will also get you a better photo. 

4. Place de la Concorde

If you love French architecture, then you will love Place de la Concorde. Statues and fountains dot the public square, and you see people sitting around, relaxing and enjoying the good weather. There are many little restaurants to sit around, grab a café and eat crepes! 

5. Louvre

I have a confession to make. I've never actually been inside of the Louvre, although I have visited the beautiful glass pyramids many times. Usually, the reason is that I am in Paris for such short periods of time, and the Louvre requires a lot of time to go and wander its halls. So for now, I can't admit to seeing the Mona Lisa, but it's quite the experience to stroll through the royal gardens, imagining what it must have been like to live and party like a king there. The modern architecture contrasts the old, and there are often musicians playing at the entryways that lead into the center courtyard where you'll find yourself surrounded by the palace no matter which direction you face.

6. Notre Dame

With Gargoyles on every rooftop, this imposing building is beautiful as well as gothic. You can go in if you like, so long as the church is not holding mass. It's usually hard for us to stay quiet in there for so long, so we prefer to relish in the beauty from the old bridges and from the front. The back of the church holds another public square with an area for dancing. The last time we went they were giving dancing lessons for a small donation! You can also find the exact center of Paris in front of Notre Dame, marked by a plaque on the ground. It's very difficult to miss! 

7. Pont Neuf and Love Lock Bridge

While this one is not on our map above, consider this a pleasant bonus! Romantic and historical, these bridges are enjoyable to walk across, especially while holding hands with someone you love deeply. Often times there are street performers entertaining crowds in the street, and along this walking path to Notre Dame, you can stop at the little shops for souvenirs and paintings.

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