It's the flight attendant cruising season! That means that cruise deals are plenty and it may be that time for you to try it out! We just embarked on our annual anniversary cruise, where we hopped over to several Caribbean islands! We're actually not even allowed to tell you what we paid! I can tell you that it was worth it if only for the sunsets and not having to decide what to make for dinner for a week! Cruises can be as relaxing or event-filled as you like, given the variety of what's available on the ship. If you're new to cruising, I hope that the following suggestions and information will help prepare you for the vacation of a lifetime! 

In the holiday craze, sometimes it's easy to forget about flight attendants. Due to our crazy schedules, we don't usually get to celebrate the holidays at the same times as the general public. This means that we sometimes get forgotten and end up getting a dreaded last minute gift that we may or not even need. That is why I am writing this blog post today! Share this with your friends and family, and show them what you really want (Foldable wine bottle? I'll take two please!). I got the idea for this list a long time ago on a flight attendant Facebook post about what things flight attendants could use most! So here it is, my list of the best presents you can get your fellow flight attendant!