West African Peanut Stew (InstantPot Recipe)!

I recently received the best gift from my parents- The InstantPot! Imagine a pressure cooker, but better, faster and with easy-to-use digital buttons. It amazes me how easy cooking has become for us while cooking in developing countries continues to be a very physical event that takes up at least half of the day, usually a woman's. Since my service in the Peace Corps, I have prepared my favorite Cameroonian dish the way I was taught by locals whenever I had the time. When I decided to convert my Groundnut Stew recipe, I did some research (and by research, I mean lots of eating!) and I came up with the below recipe on my Everlast Rocketbook (a great way to easily upload hand-written recipes, lists and journal entries).

Several years ago I made a video about my Cameroonian American life, making groundnut stew and speaking Cameroonian French about my life then, so I decided it would be fun to make a follow-up video. Moreover, I am happy to share this recipe as a resource to the InstantPot community, and to anyone who desires some African flavor in their life!

Here are the items you will need to find first!
Maggi Cubes
Peanut butter
Red Palm Oil
Veggies (I like carrots and potatoes)
Tomato Paste

Cooking with Maman Merineau in her outdoor kitchen.

My friend Unity preparing a meal, probably okra soup.

Traditionally made groundnut stew with friends.

Preparing groundnut stew in my InstantPot!

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