The entire essence of this blog is to share my passion for eating, loving and volunteering with all of you. I want everyone to know that living by this philosophy can take you on an incredible adventure, and can begin with bread crumbs left on screens full of so much other junk. And often times we re-learn that in order for the community to embrace us back, we must first embrace the community ourselves. And doesn’t it feel so wonderful and fuzzy when we know that we are making an impact, however small?

This is a story about the love I found, quite literally in the air- within the airline industry.

When I first met Angel in flight attendant training, I didn’t like him! We hit it off right away; It was his birthday, and I, too, was a Leo! He smiled a lot and was pleasing to my eyes. But he talked about how much fun he was having in training, and I was 4 weeks ahead, and struggling to keep up with all of the daily exams, drills, and a lead trainer who is proudly known for being tough on his students. “You just wait until week six!” I thought. After seeing Angel around a few more times during training, he asked me if he could add me on Facebook. I accepted, and 2 months later when I launched an Indiegogo campaign for a project to aide Kay Angel orphanage in Haiti, he stepped up and became the first contributor. His big heart caught my attention, and apparently I caught his, too. When he asked me to go dancing, I decided to go in the most casual-thinking fashion. Then he kissed me on the dance floor and my heart melted. We stayed up until 3 am talking about family, values and our plans for the future. We spent the next year traveling to more cities together than I can even count, starting a business, and I, for one, fell completely in love with his family.

This is what I said with the biggest smile on my face in my video addressing all who contributed, just before catching my flight to Cameroon after 2 years. It always amazes me to see what can be done when we all come together with pure hearts for something good. In just 3 weeks, we raised over $1600, reaching our goal to complete the Light in Sight project with the Kentaja orphanage in Bandjuidjong, a small village in the West province. People tell me that they are inspired, but I am inpsired the most from this! It never fails that whenever I put myself out there for others, it comes back to reward me much more than I ever thought it would. The words that Ernest spoke to me as a Peace Corps volunteer are very alive:

“Think of others; God will think of you.”

Please see more information and photos at or by visiting our Facebook page!

We are currently carrying out the Solar Power project, to be funded and coordinated by Peace Tree Africa in collaboration with Kentaja Orphanage. We intend to complete this project in July 2011.Currently, there is no electricity available for use in the small, poverty-struck village of Bandzuidjong, located in the West province of Cameroon, West Africa. This project will allow for the orphans of Kentaja to spend more of their day studying!!

My sincerest THANKS to all of you who have volunteered your time and provided support to Peace Tree Africa Nonprofit and the Kentaja Orphanage Solar Power project this weekend. There is only one way to eat an elephant- one piece at a time (Desmond Tutu), and a few pieces are out of the way! There is absolutely no way I could do this without you; thank you, thank you, thank you.