A Dance Through Memory Lane

This last month Angel dedicated some time and energy into a passion project. Inspired by "Ain't Nothing Holding Me Back" by Shawn Mendez and the last 4 years we've traveled the world hand in hand, this is the final product! Unfortunately we don't have video from our travels through out Japan, Thailand, China or Cambodia!

Don't forget to turn your speakers up and enjoy! 

Skala Eressos is perhaps the coolest place in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful beach towns in Greece as well. The birthplace of the poetess Sappho, and a Mecca-in-waiting for International lesbians, it is also a popular family destination, not to mention a favorite place for honeymooners and a popular weekend beach destination for the islanders. So we decided to explore ourselves!

We took a little trip to Cuba before most american tourists visited. Check out our video below for a view of our time in Cuba. The island was amazing, like a snapshot of culture from way back when!