Life is short! Let’s go!

What’s on your bucket list? We feel that we should make the most of our opportunities on this planet! Life is short! Let’s go!

Our Travel Guides were once new hire flight attendants, so we are professional travelers looking to share that passion! Our goal is to create travel opportunities without breaking the bank. We balance our trips with the best guides, accommodations & excursions while maintaining the lowest prices possible. While our goal is to travel, we strive to give back to the local communities we visit whenever possible, through volunteering, staying at local hotels and experiencing life as the locals do!

Executive Director

Tara Menendez

Tara has always had a passion for discovering new cultures, from convincing her mother to host a French exchange student in High School, to studying abroad twice, coordinating exchange programs at her university Study Abroad Center, to spending a month backpacking through Europe. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in French with a minor in Communications. A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who lived in Cameroon, West Africa for two years, she looks forward to guiding you on some exciting adventures that will make the world a bit brighter! She’s also a travel writer/blogger at Eat.Love.Volunteer, business owner, property manager, wifey, dog mom & mom, and humanitarian. Tara lives in Dallas Texas, where she’s happily married to the tech genius who built and maintains this beautiful website!

Creative Director

Angel Menendez

A Spanish speaking Puerto Rican Flight Attendant, Angel has been traveling since he was five years old. That love of travel has led him to many corners of the world, and that list of places grows every day! His love of technology and travel led to the creation of this website. By day a Flight Attendant and by night a web developer, Angel has over 10 years worth of web development experience. His Instagram account documents much of his travels and can be found here. He loves riding motorcycles in exotic locations!

Travel Guide

Sheila Harvey

¡Hola todos! My name is Sheila and since I can remember I knew that all I truly wanted out of life was to roam the Earth and learn by traveling and experience. I gravitated toward the Latin-American cultures and became fluent in Spanish by immersing myself in a Mexican community for four years and living in the Caribbean for 6 months.

Today I’m a Flight Attendant by occupation and a relentless peacemaker by nature. Also, I currently live as a nomadic minimalist alongside my husband Camilo. I am driven to help all of mankind find peace amongst each other as well as within themselves. I aspire to utilize Crew Travelers as a platform to create global awareness and promote human connectivity so that we may all have the opportunity to gain the profound wisdom that inevitably comes with travel.
Travel Guide

Camilo Gonzalez

Me llamo Camilo and I’m fluent in Spanish. My wife Sheila and I love to travel as a way of relaxing, learning, having fun, and the list goes on! Can’t wait to meet you all and be able to share a nice vacation with some great experiences! I’m thankful for my job as a flight attendant, which gives me the opportunity to live through countless adventures that have considerably influenced my being for the better. If by chance you’re interested in living on the go, in other words not owning major property, or veganism please feel free to ask Sheila and I any questions as we are both passionate about the topics. Talk to you soon!

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