Tara’s Favorite Nalgene Bottle


Every traveler should have a trusted BPA free water bottle to ensure they stay hydrated no matter the destination! Water can usually be found in great supply, for free, and it takes just one reusable bottle and a little thoughtfulness to ensure you have a reserve. Furthermore, for a professional traveler, this really is a common sense item if you’re fed up with paying for a necessity you could have just prepared for. So go ahead, put this in your basket. My strong recommendation is the Nalgene water bottle, as my experience with my pink bottle has served me from the jungles of Africa during my time in the Peace Corps, to hiking in Costa Rica to island hopping in the Caribbean. And the purpose doesn’t necessarily have to always be for water, either. Most cruise ships serve lemonade, which also can be stored in my bottle. Angel likes to hook a carabiner to the bottle and attach it to our daypack. I was told once that Nalgene bottles can be driven over without changing shape; I don’t know if that’s true or not, but after throwing mine around for so many years I can say honestly that I haven’t noticed much change!

  • Great look and innovative carrying solutions for your liquids
  • Slim profile makes it easy and comfortable to hold
  • Detached cap features a handy loop that is easily grabbed by fingers, carabiners, or backpack clips

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